As a students' union, the YUGSA is committed to representing graduate students’ interests and advancing students’ and workers’ rights across and beyond York’s campuses.

Our Mission

The YUGSA is dedicated to providing advocacy and support to all members across various graduate departments on its campuses.

We are Local 84 of the Canadian Federation of Students, which represents more than 500,000 students across Canada, committed to lobbying, research, and membership and community mobilization.

Alongside our sister student and trade unions, the YUGSA works to oppose the continued commercialization of Canadian universities and participate in the broad-based movement demanding accessible, public, fully funded, high quality post-secondary education.

YUGSA Constitution and Bylaws

Our Structure

The Membership
​All graduate students at York University.

YUGSA Council
Councillors appointed by Departmental GSAs. Council is the highest decision-making body of the organization that overlooks the Executive Committee and all operations of the organization.

​A team of 6 executives, elected annually by the members, that maintain and manage the day-to-day operations of the YUGSA in accordance with the YUGSA constitution and by-laws.

Departmental GSAs
​Graduate Student Associations in various graduate programs at York University. ​​Assembled internally by students within any graduate program. e.g Biology GSA, History GSA …

We have many more ways to get involved, such as joining our Equity-Campaigns Committee, the York Cross-Campus Alliance, committees and board of Et al., and more. If you would like to start a committee or working group, please let us know.


The Council of the YUGSA is the governing body of the association, charged with the administration and management of its affairs.

The YUGSA Council is composed of student representatives from each graduate department (2 seats for every 200 students), members of the YUGSA Executive, two Graduate Student Senators, and one Graduate Student Governor.

YUGSA council meets the third Thursday of every month (September – April) at 5:30 PM in the YUGSA Conference Room (430 Student Centre) located on the Keele Campus.

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Departmental GSAs

Each department has a GSA that offer services to their own members, such as support for funding and social events (through the Operating Grant Fund). Executives of DGSAs are elected by the graduate students of their own department, and they appoint representatives to take their voting seats at the YUGSA Council.

More about DGSAs

The Executive

Please contact the corresponding Executive for an appointment if you wish to see them in person.

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The YUGSA has 3 permanent staff positions in order to provide the Executive and Membership assistance.

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